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July 2021 Gratitude Post

The first full month of Summer was busy and relaxing, with many twists and turns. So many gratitudes this month. Grateful for My FiancĂ© Yes, I am getting married! On the 2-year “Adoptversary” of our puppy, Pupperz Buddha, my boyfriend brought me to Malibu… Continue Reading “July 2021 Gratitude Post”

June 2021 Gratitude Post

This month was so crazily busy thanks to everyone having gotten the vaccine and L.A. finally opening indoors officially. You could say a year’s worth of peat had been accumulating and the soil was ready for explosive growth. Or some other metaphor. 1. Grateful… Continue Reading “June 2021 Gratitude Post”

May 2021 Gratitude Post

This month has been an almost wild level of change and growth. Try to keep up! seems to be my motto. But also, No FOMO! Grateful for Meditation Like a lot of people, I got into a routine in quarantine, and I love it.… Continue Reading “May 2021 Gratitude Post”

February 2021 Gratitude Post

Taking steps back from social media over the past 2 months has been great for feeling like I’m not in a ‘rat race’. But I am also reminded that social media can be a platform for good, too. In addition to sharing thoughts and… Continue Reading “February 2021 Gratitude Post”