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Welcome to Becoming Woke

This blog is for you if you’re a regular person who wants to make a lasting impact by adding more consciousness into their life. 

Hi! I’m Cate Star and this channel is about my journey to becoming more socially conscious.

So many blogs show heavily curated homes, gardens, wardrobes, pets, kids, and lives. 

But what if you’re not there yet, or maybe will never be at that totally perfect place? 

What if you have a career and thus lack the unlimited time and money that many so-called ‘influencers’ seem to have?

What if you want to stay out of the judgment cycle and focus on being a positive influence?

What if you admit you don’t have all the answers, but really want to learn more and incorporate what you learn into your daily life?

My journey is about a real person who strives to do better.

  • More mindfulness of my emotions and reactions.
  • More positive stress release.
  • More earth-friendly practices.
  • More uplifting communication.
  • More money toward genuine causes and less toward greenwashers or downright harmful corporations.

I’m becoming WOKE, as in AWAKE and AWARE of a more positive and constructive way of being. And I think conscious living not only makes you happier, but everyone around you is happier and the Earth is 

I’m challenging myself to do better, and using my blog and social media to stay accountable. 

Join me in my journey!

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Hi, I’m Cate. In my life, I’ve been many things, but making a positive impact has always been my biggest motivator. Learning how to be more socially conscious in a practical, real-world way is my passion. Read more

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