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Question the Paradigms that Are, Create the Paradigms You Want

Why are things the way they are? A socially conscious society comes from the progress that benefits the most people and the planet itself while minimizing any harm.

Not everything works that way, right? If it doesn’t work that way now, it could. The paradigms that exist are meant to be questioned. Some paradigms serve us well as a society. Some have served us in the past, but not longer. Some benefit only the few or the one, instead of the many. We have the power, collectively, to Be, Do, and Have something better.

Hi! I’m Cate Vegas. I’m a regular person who wants to make a lasting impact by sharing my socially conscious journey.

I work in marketing by day, I love dogs, and I have a weakness for shopping. My blog is here to share things that I research on my own, and that I’ve learned about through experience.

Social consciousness is learning to care for yourself, care for others, and care for the planet. It’s experiencing and enjoying the world as it is, and finding ways to create a positive impact. If you’re here, you probably think a lot about this too, so let’s connect!

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In my life, I’ve been many things, but making a positive impact has always been my biggest motivator. Socially conscious activism is my passion. Read more

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